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So many Christian brothers and sisters labour in God's Vineyard all over the world - in so many different ways and places. Here we mention and recommend some of those labours which have brought blessings to our own personal lives. We will continue to expand the list.

We do not only find Christ in the Scriptures; we also see Him in the lives and works of other Christians. We encourage any reader, to consider helping one of the web-sites below.

  1. The movie "The Gospel according to Matthew", featuring Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. Surpasses all other depictions of Jesus.
    Also read the beautiful subsequent book by Marchiano called
      "In the footsteps of Jesus", which is the story of how the film came about.

  2. Merlin Carrothers "From Prison to Praise"  and his other books & ministry. An extraordinary and blessed ministry of praise to the Lord.

  3. The publications and ministry of the Open Bible Trust.  OBT's publications will all add to the joy of  seaching the Word of God. Contains several free downloads, and several valuable books, including Michael Penny's  "The Miracles of the Apostles" and    "Approaching the Bible" ;  Dr Charles Ozanne's  "Empires of the End-Time", and  Ernest Streets'  "Think on These Things".

  4.  allows the Bible student free access to consult around 50 translations of the Bible, either by verse or by book. This is a wonderfull tool for those who wish to search the Scriptures. We wish God's blessing on the publishers for this free gift.

  5. contains a range of valuable Dictionaries and Lexicons and other tools for the student of the Scriptures, all for free. We wish God's blessing on the publishers of this website for this free gift.

  6. is a very valuable site for Bible research, containing a large range of study tools, including numerous Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Lexicons,  Concordances and Bible Translations. We wish God's blessings on the publishers for this wonderful free site.

  7.  contains a highly valuable on-line library with numerous  Dictionaries and Bible translations, plus an immense amount of other library study materials. A very impressive site. God bless the publishers of this valuable site for studying His Word.

  8. is a fantastic Dutch and English site, filled with hard-to-find and valuable information and study-tools (including access to several of the classics of lexicons and dictionaries) as well as providing on-line access to a range of valuable books and writings out of print or very diffcult to find, including:
    • E.W. Bullinger's "Witness of The Stars", "Numbers in Scripture", "The Apocalypse", "The Two Natures in the Child of God", "Book of Job"
    • All 54  volumes of "The Berean Expositor", by Charles H Welch and several of his books, as well as several of Stuart Allen's books
    • Other authors:  Hislop's "The Two Babylons" and  Flavius Josephus' works: "The Antiquities of the Jews" and  "The War of the Jews"
    God bless the publishers of this wonderful website.

  9. is a free and intelligent install download of a wonderful Scripture tool for Bible studies (aptly called "e-Sword"). "Freely you received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8) is the motivation behind Rick Meyers - a professional software writer - having developed this tool to provide - in Our Lord's service -  a blessing to others in the form of free Bible study software. 
    God bless Rick Meyers for his work.